Fall 2021 Testing & Training ~ Nov 5 & 6

Friday, November 5

6:00pm Doors Open
6:45pm Black Belt Testing

Those planning to test for a black belt rank must have the testing application submitted before October 1.

Saturday, November 6

Session 1 (10:00-12:30)

Kibon Doncha (HIIT version)
Cutting Drill (with shields & anjungum)
Master Koivisto's games
Gumbub by rank

Lunch 12:30-1:00

Session 2 (1:00-4:00)

Gumbub (HIIT version)
Master Koivisto's game finals
Demonstration performances

Seminar Items

  • Gumdo Fundamentals (HIIT version)
  • Combination Cutting (Bring your sparring swords)
  • Friendly Competition - Last Person Standing
  • Group Activity: Demos


Admission to the event is $30 per person up to October 22. Registrations submitted October 23 or later will have a $10 late fee added to the price.