Application for Dan Testing at Midwest Haidong Gumdo Event

Fill in all fields and submit the form before the application deadline. All testing fees should be turned in to your master by that date. If you do not make the deadline date, you will not be able to test because we will not get items from Korea in time.

When entering your Master's name, use their First and Last names. This is the name that is submitted to Korea. Using "Master F" does not work well for this purpose!

The photo is used for your ID card. It should be a passport-style photo showing your full face clearly from directly in front. We suggest to show from your shoulders to the top of your head. with a solid background and in a well-lit environment.

Submitted photos must be JPG or PNG format and less than 2000 x 3000 pixels in size. If you need help resizing your image, see